cocktail shop barcelona.

Client: Cocktail Shop Barcelona

Services: Content creation & strategy, graphic design & community management.

Country: Spain

Nov 2016 - Aug 2018



Cocktail Shop is a cocktail store and tasting room for professional bartenders and amateurs. It's located in Barcelona's downtown, attended by bar and hospitality workers specialized in the matter. 

The client needed creative content for social networks, graphic design, newsletter and community management, and knowing the business was a must; that's why they hired me because I used to be a bartender for many years. 


My strategy was based on offer trustable information about bartending, beverages, tastings, etc; with hints of humor and complicity.


A place where both, professional and amateur, can find technical advice, fun and all that they may need.  

American Prohibition Era imaginary was use in the interior design, as well was use in the graphic strategy.  

comics about the american prohibition era.

A strategy designed to build a thread of communication between the aesthetics of the store, the era of American Prohibition and the bartender. It consisted in quotes for social network using vintage photography of that time and funny dialogues.


In this way the target audience sympathizes with the brand.

other postcards.

Content for social networks in "quote" format, aimed at both targets, presenting either new products or materials or phrases about mixology and bar business.

'bar lessons'

Content for social networks in "quote" format, intended for both targets, with an emphasis on amateurs.

It is informative 'cocktail lessons' with hints of humor. In this way a link with the public is created and advice is given on the proper use of each material or in the history of the cocktails, creating a trendy and a certain authority in terms of knowing about the matter.





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