gordito & dn'a.

Project: Vive y Deja Vivir

Comic: Gordito & Dn'A


I started a personal project call "Vive y Deja Vivir", it's about telling emotions, situations, and everything I want to communicate, trough illustrations in comic, GIF, or for T-Shirt design. 


Gordito is a little excrement, the one that nobody wants to touch, with which nobody wants to be; the ugly and smelly. He has the qualities to be an undesirable, poorGordito, the only faithful friends he can count on are the flies, that follow him wherever he goes.


He is brown, chubby, sad and smells very bad ... the eternal expelled. But curiously, others benefit from its existence and he also has a reason to be.


The two characters, "D" the little devil and "A" the little angel, both symbolize the yin and yang existing in everything: the polarities. One can not exist without the other, but both are opposite forces.

The identity name of the comic, D n 'A, is a wordplay for the DNA: deoxyribonucleic acid, the chemical present at the center of the cells of living things


D is always doing mischiefs to A, he tries to infuse a little evil into his immaculate goodness, he is committed to stopping A from being always so perfect... 'as it should be' , but A is very formal, correct and is committed to fit.

On the other hand,  A is always trying to take D to the light side, but never succeed it because D was born to be a scoundrel and do evil, he is committed to doing everything that 'should not be done', to annoy, to not fit.

t-shirt design.

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