Client: Julia Sequeira 

Services: Branding & Web design.

Country: Argentina




Julia is a ceramist and sculpture artist, based in the city of Tres Arroyos (Argentina). For many years she identified herself as'Ambar Cerámica' and now she was in search of identity more in tune with the evolution of her work and her person.


I like to talk a lot with my clients about their work, their ideas and feelings, understand where they come from and what their evolution is at the moment they call me; and for me, it was clear that Julia was also a sculptor and also an intense artist, very profound... 

Her work is unique, unmistakably feminine, colorful and certainly rustic. I had the opportunity to visit her house and there I understood everything: she lives the way she conceives her creations, and vice-versa.


She asked me to design her new corporate identity and her web, with the total creative freedom to speak for her. I asked her to draw her signature and something that she considered her new 'Me' instead of starting from scratch.... why? because Julia has a seal when it comes to painting her ceramic works and it does not make sense to make a logo that does not have her strokes; so this is what I elaborated from these two elements.


julia sequeira.


The 4 elements, fire - air - earth - water, as a base from which all her work departs. And then also get inspiration from the fauna, flora, fruits, flesh, blood, sort of witchcraft and sort of shamanism, the ocean, the mundane, the spiritual and the animal.

The delicate and the rough, all in one and the One is the All.

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