campaign against the aedes vector.

Project: Campaign against the vector aedes 2018/19 

Services: Illustration, Content Creation & Graphic Design

Country: United States


Every year the client* promotes a week of actions in the American continent, especially in the Central American area and some countries of South America where there is mosquito proliferation, for the prevention of the spread of dengue, zika, chikungunya, yellow fever and malaria, all these diseases transmitted by the bite of the vector Aedes

The project has been carried out in conjunction with the communication, design and health technicians departments of the client*, who supervise the step by step; a marketing consultant, who has defined the campaign axis for the Spanish version and the thirsts content texts; and I, responsible for the artistic creativity, illustrations and design of all the pieces. The slogan for this year was Fight the Bite (Actívate contra el mosquito in Spanish) and a new identity has been generated for this year and a set of online and offline support materials for each country with zones in risk of proliferation of the vector. 


The whole project is sustained on the idea of generating actions that will become habits, carried out by the members of a community. The communication is transmitted as suggestions in a simple and didactic way, with the intention to fill in the people avoiding fear. An invitation to action in an enjoyable way. As a result, digital and physical pieces adapted to two well-defined targets are created:


* Target 1: Householders, with focus on the mother. To capture their attention I chose pink and orange, celestial and green tones; and formal typography.

* Target 2: Youth, between the ages of 12 and 21, taking 16 years old as the average age. To capture his attention, I used bright and fresh colors, vignettes, formal and informal typography, emoticons and characters illustrated in cartoon style.


In both versions, English and Spanish:


*Banner web

*Postcards for social networks 
*Print & mobile format infographics



*For legal reasons (contract) I'm not allowed to mention my client or show his logo.

mosquito vector aedes aegypti


The Aedes is capable of transmitting human dengue, zika, chikungunya, yellow fever, and malaria through its saliva when it sucks blood to feed itself.


With the excessive proliferation of mosquitoes in areas of risk in Latin America, it is difficult to control the spread of these diseases by the authorities and health entities.


Therefore, it is necessary to involve communities in prevention tasks; that is, the ordinary citizen.

For this, it is not enough just to inform them of what measures to take, it is effective to raise awareness about the habits of the vector so that they understand why to apply these measures.

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