reàl ingredients.

Client: Reàl Ingredients For Cocktails (Europe - Spain).

Services: Content creation & strategy, graphic design & community management.

Country: Spain

Nov 2016 - Aug 2018



Reàl Ingredients for Cocktails it's an American brand that produces infused puree of fruits for bartending mainly, but also it can be used for pastry, molecular gastronomy, and at home. 


The main distributor in Spain needed RRSS creative content & management, and graphic design for displays, and knowing the business was a must; that's why they hired me because I used to be a bartender for many years, I knew the product, the needs of the professional in the first person, and I also know many professionals in the sector, with whom I have had the pleasure of working side to side in many bars, both nationally and internationally.


Reàl Ingredients is a special product for classic and vanguardist, molecular, tiki or craft mixology. 

Also, it can be used in coffee art, pastry, molecular gastronomy, as well as at home at breakfast for example.


The bottles are designed for a perfect dosage and product preservation.

cocktail recipes.

Strategy design for the mixologist and the amateur. It consists on adapt anonymous cocktail recipes in which the product is used, for social networks. In addition, the targets get to know the brand and that is easy to use it; also, ideas of combinations of different ingredients are offered in case someone runs out of ideas.


Its usefulness is to obtain quick ideas easily accessible, since these posts can be saved, for example, in the Instagram favorites to be reviewed every time it is needed without having to write them down or go to a recipe book.

great bartender's recipes.

Strategy for the mixologists and the amateurs. In it, I adapt recipes of influential bartenders, representatives of the brand, according to the type of mixology, to the RRSS format. In this way, a more direct identification with the product is achieved, taking into account that these influencers carry out world tours reproducing their recipes in which they use the product.

the 'perfect match'.

Strategy for bartenders and cocktail addicts. It consists of suggesting possible combinations of other ingredients with the product. This is extremely necessary when you are working behind the bar.





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