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I transform the intangible into tangible, this is taking concepts, ideas, needs and turn them into something that can be seen, read and/or touched that manages to convey all that. For this, I use illustration, graphic design, customer service skills, artistic skills, and my 'know how'! (CV short version).


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My name is Jorgelina, I was born in Argentina and lived here until my 20's, then I moved to Barcelona and lived there for almost 20 years, and now I'm back in my birth country... so I'm from here and there, and this is my story:


I work as an illustrator, content creator and a graphic designer. I re-discovered this lovely job three years ago.

I am, since I remember, a woman with a very creative mind, always explaining things to other people using the images that I see in my head; at the age of 16, I looked at everything around me with curiosity, then I picked up pencils and paper and drew it as if it were a comic, it really was a way of summarizing everything that had caught my attention.

At my 19 years old I started to study graphic design, I loved to do it... I was a total freak of Corel Draw... hours and hours learning and practicing at the classes and then at home, but my family and I had to move to Barcelona and some things changed in my life, and I don't know why but I didn't continue studying this; instead I started to search in other areas.

The last 18 years I did many different things: I studied aesthetics and fashion & photography makeup while I worked in administration tasks, then in makeup sales. After that, I worked for many years in the bar business as a mixologist and bar manager, so I had attended a lot of training of spirits drinks and cocktail art. So, as you may see, I have A LOT of experience in customer service; all my work experience has been, until now, a 'school' in which I have learned customer service skills and everything I know I use to create content (CV complete version).

But I was never satisfied as I was when studying graphic design, so I started to ask myself what I really wanted to do and then I started to notice that there was always a kind of nexus among that works and skills: I could not avoid involving art, graphic sense, and good taste in everything I did... 


So, why waste my time?

I decided in 2016 to give a chance to what I love most to do when I realized that it comes naturally, it is just the best way to express myself, and here I am, at my forties doing what I love with lots of passion and energy!


You know what they say... never is late to be loyal to yourself. 


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